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“I had accepted that I was a sinus sufferer and as such needed to take the drugs to manage and control the sinus… when I commenced seeing Neil, I never envisaged it would have improved my sinus problem.”

For a number of years I had been suffering from aches and pains in my left hip region. While on holiday in January of this year I started to wonder whether I should go and see a chiropractor. At that stage I thought chiropractic care was only for “fixing” sore or stiff necks and/or backs.

Shortly after returning from my holiday, I received an email advising Neil Bossenger was going to be doing a presentation. I decided to go along to learn more about what chiropractic treatment involved to determine whether it could help me with my hip problem.

Neil’s presentation was very informative and I realized chiropractic care was more about wellness rather than simply “fixing” sore necks and backs. Although I thought I was in “good” health, I related to a lot of what Neil was saying about health and well-being and so immediately after the presentation I arranged to go and see him for an assessment.

After having a thorough assessment by Neil in early February, Neil presented me with a suggested treatment plan.

My second visit involved a specific atlas adjustment, called a “toggle”. Immediately after the adjustment I felt very strange and the strange feeling continued all day. I found I could not concentrate at work and I had pain in my neck area. However, when I woke the next morning I felt fine and have had no problems after any treatment since that time. I was very impressed with Neil as he telephoned me the day after the first treatment to see how I was and as result of speaking with him I felt a lot more at ease about how I had felt.

In recent years I had been suffering from sinus problems and it had progressively been getting worse. I had got to the stage where I was using a prescription nasal spray every day and was regularly taking antihistamine tablets. I had accepted that I was a sinus sufferer and as such needed to take the drugs to manage and control the sinus.

However, within a couple of weeks of seeing Neil, I noticed my sinus problems had dissipated. I stopped using my nasal spray and also stopped taking the antihistamine tablets. Apart from a couple of minor sinus attacks since February, I have had no problems even though I am no longer using or taking any drugs. Previously, I was suffering from sinus on a day to day basis.

In addition to my sinus problem clearing up, I also began to notice my stress levels had reduced significantly. I feel a lot calmer in myself and as such am much better at handling stressful situations. I am a lot more alert and have a lot more energy. The pain and flexibility in my hip has also improved.

I am now having treatment once a week and although I do not notice the same amount of improvement after each treatment as I did during the first couple of months, I am aware my total well-being is continually improving.

I am very impressed with the total care and attention I receive from both Neil and Pip and am still overwhelmed that my sinus problem has cleared up and how well I continue to feel since I began seeing Neil in February this year. When I commenced seeing Neil, I never envisaged it would have improved my sinus problem.

I have moved from being a sceptic (mainly because I did not know what chiropractic care was about) to being a “convert” and can only thank Neil and Pip for this.

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