Parents seek holistic wellbeing

July 18, 2012 by
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Little bodies are big winners in a new trend of chiropractic care!

Paediatric chiropractic is growing in popularity because more people now understand the link between chiropractic health and overall wellbeing, says Dr Catherine Langford, from the Integrated Chiropractic Centre in Adelaide.

“The changes we make affect the nervous system as well, which affects the function of the whole body,” Dr Langford said. “It makes such a difference: it helps kids sleep better, concentrate better at school and even kids with growing pains. If that pain is referred from their lower back and not originating in their legs, it helps them feel 100 per cent.”

Dr Langford said many health conditions were connected to the skeletal system and could be treated by a chiropractor. “All kids run around and fall over and all these things have an impact on the muscles and the skeletal system,” she said. “I think it’s important all kids get checked to see if they’re on track and developing as they should be.”

Chiropractors Association of Australia (SA) president Dr Brett Hill said it was common for people to bring their babies in for a check-up.

Image: Taylan Herkiloglu, 13 months, with Dr Catherine Langford, who specialises in paediatric chiropractic. Matt Turner. AdelaideNow

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