Imbalance and Debilitation

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“After my very first appointment I was able to walk unaided for the first time in years.”

You’re never too old to start chiropractic care – is the bottom line.

My 12 year old niece fractured her tibia (leg bone) in a gymnastic manoeuvre a few weeks ago. She’s now in a full leg cast and walking around on crutches.

I check and adjust my family every week regardless, but yesterday I was doing some unique pelvic work with her on her back because she’s forced to limp and can’t lay face down. It was quite awkward and she said, “Why are you bothering, there’s nothing wrong with me.” Her mother (my sister) said, “You’ll understand when you’re older.”

It’s a common line I hear in practice from clients in their 40s and 50s: I wish I’d done something about this sooner.

When you’re 12, you think you’re six-foot tall and bullet proof. But you’re not. And you need to look after the vehicle you drive through this life. For some people, it takes 40 years to learn that. However, problems still come up in the golden years and instead of commiserating with everyone else your own age by saying, “I’m just getting old”, go see a good chiropractor. The spine and nervous system is a wonderful thing that’s designed to function at a very high level. Even if structure has altered over the years, the nervous system still has the capacity to produce immense vitality within the limits of that structure. That is to say, better balance, breathing, digestion and energy, in the case of Marie – in an incredibly short time frame!

After years (at least 5) of pain and debilitation, I was finally recommended to Dr Neil Bossenger for treatment. I had over the years seen many doctors, specialists and other practitioners. I had had brain scans, bone scans and been tested for Parkinson’s Disease, but nobody had been able to figure out why I could not walk or stand for long without feeling as though I was going to fall over.

After my very first appointment with Neil, I was able to walk unaided for the first time in years. Before that I could not stand or walk for more than a couple of minutes before having to find somewhere to sit or lean against. I also tired very easily and even going into shops was practically impossible for me because I was exhausted and short of breath by just walking from the car and once in the shop was desperate to find a place to sit or lean against.

After only 7 sessions with Neil I found myself able to walk for nearly 3 hours with my grandchildren around the zoo! I can now also climb stairs with ease, which was impossible for me before. In addition to all this, I also find that my breathing problems and indigestion have disappeared.

I cannot thank Neil enough for the enormous improvement in my quality of life.

Marie Bray (70)

A Grateful and Timely Referral

When Marie first visited my office, I knew straight away that given the limited time she had in New Zealand, seeing Dr Neil straight away had many advantages. I love what I do and was keen to assist Marie, but from Marie’s health history and the marked positive responses to balance orientated orthopaedic tests I recommended that she see Dr Neil immediately.

We are lucky in Auckland and New Zealand to have Dr Neil and Upper Cervical Specific chiropractic available for referral and concurrent care. I have recommended several practice members to Dr Neil and shall continue to do so. The changes in Marie were astounding and the relief and joy I witnessed in her husband and adult children was inspiring and humbling to say the least.

Thank you Dr Neil for your exceptional care.

Dr J Randall Farrant DC
Vital Wellbeing, Waiheke Island

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