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“Not once has he [Pip’s husband] thought he might have to resume physio, and like me he is a much happier person and manages stress with much greater ease.”

Any business person worth his or her salt will tell you that it’s the people of the organisation that make it what it is, and they are the cornerstone. In Richard Branson’s “Business Stripped Bare” he wrote that he would prefer to start an organisation from scratch because culture is the most important thing and it is incredibly difficult to change a culture that has been dead set in its own ways for years.

I went through 5 assistants in 5 months before Pip came along – determined to find the right person who can provide quality mental adjustments for clients. It was incredibly stressful to say the least and for a period I was playing chiropractor and front desk person at the same time. Pip had no real formal experience and knew nothing about chiropractic. No one would guess that now as I still get comments about how it seems she’s been doing this for years.

I am truly blessed to be able to go to the place I work and hang out with my friend, Pip, because we laugh a lot. And to have her unwavering support through good times and bad, above and beyond what is required. I am humbled and so grateful for saying, “Yeah, come on board, Pip. Let’s make this thing happen.”

A little more than a year ago I was introduced to Chiropractic Care. I applied for the position of CA (Chiropractic Assistant) for Neil at Spinewave, and to my astonishment Neil took me on.

With this I started regular Chiropractic care with Neil. At this time I had no idea what Chiropractic care was about but with Neil as my educator during this time I understand very well now how important it is to bring ease to my nervous system and wellness in general. It wasn’t long before I realized my ability to cope with daily stress had improved significantly, and I felt so much calmer.

Seeing all of Neil’s clients come and go daily and being witness to the amazing changes with these people, I have shared many of these miracle stories with my family and friends, so it wasn’t much of a surprise when my husband called me at the practice back in May and said, I think I need to see Neil. Having spent years going to Physio regularly, Ian decided he needed to try something different, and with my excitement about Chiropractic care he thought he would try it for himself. Ian, tending to be a little bit grumpy and not altogether very tolerant started regular care with Neil. Not once has he thought he might have to resume Physio, and like me he is a much happier person and manages stress with much greater ease. Neil also cares for my two teenage sons.

Because of Neil’s youth, his hunger for knowledge and as an avid researcher, I rest very comfortably knowing my family and I are in the best hands and will be for many years to come.

Thanks Neil.

Pip Redshaw

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