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“After just a few weeks I was no longer experiencing ANY falls.”

Dear Neil

I am writing to show my appreciation for what I have achieved with you over the past two months.

I came to see Neil at Spinewave Wellness in November 2008 because I was having a major problem with falling over, in fact 9 times in 2008 alone! I had previously been completely checked over by my GP who could find nothing to indicate why this was happening to me.

I am a 56 year old self employed woman who has always been fit and active and I found that my falling problem was causing me great distress as each time I would injure myself. My final and most major fall saw me injure both my knees, my right ankle, hip and left shoulder all of which were preventing me from playing my beloved game of golf!

After doing initial tests, Neil could see the reason immediately as to why I had been falling so often. As you can imagine my spine was out and after several weeks of treatment with Neil, he retested me and was quite amazed at my progress.

Part 1: Falling with eyes closed

After just a few weeks I was no longer experiencing ANY falls which is really great. I have also started to play golf again and am generally feeling a lot better in myself.

On my first and subsequent visits I have found both Pip and Neil to be very friendly and supportive. Neil is very professional and gentle in his care and manner and I like this approach. He also just seems to know what I need each visit. Another important factor is I am never kept waiting, as so often can happen. Appointments are made and kept to time and thanks to Pip she manages to fit me in when and where it’s possible.

I have great admiration for the team at Spinewave, for the work they do and the help I have received already and would heartily recommend them to anyone in need of chiropractic care.

Yours Sincerely
Sam Whelan

P.S. I have a goal to break 80 playing golf PLUS attain a single figure golf handicap. I know I am going to achieve both of these with your help Neil.

Part 2: Specific upper cervical correction

Part 3: Not falling

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