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“Not only has it been of the utmost value in helping me physically… but mentally and emotionally Neil has guided me into empowering myself.”

I used to have this teacher for religious studies in high school who would yell at the mischievous kids, “Don’t do your best, just do what’s required!” Sometimes what is required is actually more than we bargained for; sometimes requires more energy than we think we have to give. It IS however possible. You just have to want it and do what it takes to get there.

Here, I’m taking my hat off to Sarah. Turning one’s health around is like slowing a runaway train – it doesn’t happen by derailing it. It takes commitment, and yes, sometimes over a LONG period of time. A little at a time. A conversation at a time. An idea at a time. One new thing to try, at a time. Just continually being exposed to a new way of thinking, and ultimately a new way of being in the world.

What do you want? A really hard question. But when you figure it out: Do what it takes.

I first came to see Neil a year ago and what a journey it has been, from start to… well for me there is no finish because as a result of this journey, I have completely changed my attitude to my health and that of my family’s.

Initially my reason was a bad back problem due to anxiety, which I’d had for at least 10 years on and off. However this time I was in a lot more pain than I’d ever experienced with it and now being a mother of two there I was responsible for a lot more and didn’t have the same time to lie down and rest as had worked in the past.

For some people there are instant miracles, instant relief and instant joy but for others, like myself I take heed of the words I have learnt in the chiropractic centre “healing is not an event, it’s a process”.

It comes down to commitment. Commitment to yourself. Commitment to your health. I found this very frustrating to acknowledge in the beginning because I desperately wanted to be one of those “miracle people” but as time went on I realised that I too had a huge part to play in getting better, moving to that “next level”! I realised that Neil could adjust and adjust and adjust, (all doing me the world of good of course) but without MY input, MY commitment to do MY bit towards MY health and well being, I was really hindering my progress and had come to a plateau.

This is what I love about Neil’s approach with chiropractic care. Not only has it been of the utmost value in helping me physically, i.e. my back which has improved so much over the time, along with the endless headaches I used to have for years on a daily basis… I must say they have TOTALLY gone!… .but mentally and emotionally Neil has guided me into empowering myself – that I too have a responsibility to exercise, change my thinking and learn to relax – ALL so very important and at times VERY challenging.

I still have days/weeks where I slip up and put everything else first but my body soon lets me know. I look back at how far I’ve come and it IS a long way. I am committed to regular chiropractic care for myself and my family and highly recommend Neil in his practise, along with Pip who is also a tremendous support (and great at child-minding which is so helpful). Coming to the Spinewave Clinic for an adjustment is part of our routine now – it’s my maintenance!

Sarah, Olly and Hannah Boeinghoff

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