WWII veteran’s sight restored after fall

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robert-chapmanBlurred vision was the norm for World War II veteran Robert Chapman, until a footpath fall miraculously restored his sight.

This was not a miracle insofar that there is rationale behind what happened. As upper cervical chiropractors, we see it often.

25% of your brain is used for processing vision. When there is disturbance in the upper spine (upper cervical), this can change the way signals are sent to these areas of the brain.

Disturbance in the upper cervical area over time from bumps, falls or stress can lead to poorer vision, near or far-sightedness, or a change in visual acuity. Here are two Cases of the Month from our archives on positive changes in vision from upper cervical care: September 2008 and October 2008.

Robert Chapman’s “miracle” was the fact that he fell at exactly the right angle to make an upper cervical correction. He won lotto. Seeing an upper cervical chiropractor improves your odds, in a much safer way.

The Mildura man, 88, was walking his beloved maltese-shih tzu cross, Flossie, when he tripped on his shoelace and fell hard on the concrete path. Suffering from severe bruising on his left side, but no broken bones, Mr Chapman returned home, waking the next day with restored vision and better hearing.

Mr Chapman can now read without glasses and can see objects clearly. A widower of four years, he has worn long-distance, reading and bifocal glasses for more than 50 years. Now, the only glasses he needs are his sunglasses.

“The next morning when I woke up everything was changed, I could see perfectly and that has continued on to this day,” he said. “I think it is miraculous. I’m noticing things I haven’t seen or heard for years, it has been a vast improvement.”

Baffled as to how he had regained his vision, Mr Chapman said he booked an appointment with optometrist Stephen Jones two weeks after the incident. Mr Jones said yesterday he was bewildered when he heard about Mr Chapman’s remarkable turnaround and researched the cause of the improved sight.

“I checked it all out, but I cannot speculate how it has happened,” Mr Jones said. “The main improvements have been in his reading abilities. He was understandably thrilled that he can now read without glasses.”

The former digger, who served in New Guinea in 1944 and Borneo in 1945, said when he fell he thought: “Oh god, what have I broken? Since that happened I have not worn glasses whatsoever and my hearing has improved wonderfully as well,” he said.

Mr Chapman said he had not told many people of how the September fall led to his improved sight until now as he wanted to be sure it was a permanent change. With his new lease of life, Mr Chapman said he was now walking even more often with his beloved Flossie.

Reference: Herald Sun

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