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“Where the mind leads, the body will follow.”

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Physiological responses in the body occur before an event. The nervous system not only learns how to “cushion” itself against a future blow, but also works out the emotional meaning of it. The brain revises itself throughout life depending on the nature of its thoughts. Certain sustained thoughts produce measurable physical differences and change structure.

Bracing: The body’s daily fight/flight preparation you are unaware of

A large part of our energy wastage that leads to symptoms such as fatigue, exhaustion, insomnia, headache, backache, hyperventilation, anxiety, depression, constipation, diarrhoea, impotence, and frigidity is due to continual bracing, the “cushioning” idea.

This includes the way we hold our body, diaphragm, jaw and spine; as well as the fight/flight preparation (click image to enlarge); remembering, anticipating, worrying and what we choose to focus on.

Over time, this misdirected energy expenditure within the nervous system results in detrimental effects to efficiency, productivity and the health of the individual. Oftentimes this will manifest mentally before appearing physically.

If you are exposed to stressful situations on a continual basis, it is imperative to watch for warning signs before the nervous system spirals down to a point where its level of function is so low you cannot rest your way out of it, supplement your way out of it, exercise your way out of it, nor drug your way out of it.

A change of physiology is faster than anything you can think yourself into

Chiropractic neurology is not a replacement for conventional therapies such as counselling or medication when appropriately indicated, however many clients are looking for a way forward without pharmaceuticals.

Activities like exercise or deep breathing can positively affect well being. Therefore the reason why functional neurology is so powerful in changing one’s state is that half of the emotional cortex from the brain extends down the spine and spinal cord. The spinal cord is rich with receptors and chemicals which, when turned on in the right way, can change the way the brain functions.

People often feel like they’re “not themselves” anymore

An alteration in body chemistry will subsequently change your spine. Distortion of the spine will change the receptors that allow proper communication with the brain. The front part of our brain is responsible for emotional fine tuning and judgement, so as this area becomes impaired, our perception of the world around us is distorted and compromises our ability to respond to it.

Amongst goals such as new ways to deal with depression or anxiety, people often feel like they’re “not themselves” anymore or are looking for a stronger sense of self or “connectedness”. This is fully achievable at Spinewave.

Download 22 Action Steps for Anxiety here.

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