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waitemata DHB“It was our great pleasure to have Dr Neil Bossenger speaking at the 2014 Oral Health Conference in Auckland. His lecture on “The Power of Upper Cervical” was well received and very relevant to our profession. Neil is a very engaging and articulate speaker and his presentation was not self promoting or biased. On behalf of the New Zealand Dental Therapists Association I would like to thank Neil for giving up his working time to present to our members. I would highly recommend him to other professions as a speaker.”

Gillian Tahi, Waitemata DHB.

dental matters bossenger“Thank you Dr Neil, I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation yesterday. Your delivery was so engaging that I lost all track of time. By any measure you are a very effective speaker and educator. I found your presentation very informative & especially intriguing. On behalf of the conference organising committee, thank you for a memorable presentation and your time.”

Luisa Antonio, Auckland Regional Dental Service.

edukids remuera chiropractic“We had Neil present to the parents and staff of our centre last week. He made a great impression with his knowledge of the human body and brain development, and also his passion in ‘new-wave’ chiropractic neurology. While his presentation was very informative and research-based, it was also engaging and interactive due to his use of props and visuals. He answered all our questions and came across very approachable. We thoroughly enjoyed the evening.”

Luiza Mustafina, Centre Manager, Edukids Remuera.

Little_Wonders_Childcare“Neil spoke to parents and teachers about changing your brain and related the talk to concerns that regularly effect young children. The best part was learning that we don’t have to suffer with pain or autonomic disorders (e.g. high blood pressure, eczema, asthma, bedwetting or irritable bowel); it’s not ‘normal’ and we may not have to be on medication for the rest of our lives! The talk was very informative – thanks Neil.”

Jen Carter, Centre Manager, Little Wonders Mt Eden.

“I recently invited Neil to give a presentation to the staff at my early childhood centre. Having been under Neil’s care for some months, I had been surprised at the wide ranging benefits of Chiropractic care and in particular, it’s impact on my work.

Neil’s brief was to provide an introduction to Chiropractic. I asked him to include information about areas that were pertinent to the work of my team such as immunisations for children and child health as well as adult wellbeing and stress. Neil gave several suggestions about how this could be delivered and offered further suggestions for content.

The presentation was great. Neil covered everything I required and did so in a way that was interesting and engaging. Neil is an articulate individual and has a thorough understanding of the theory and research associated with his profession. He effortlessly made reference to this and explained information that could be easily translated into the day to day work of teaching staff at my centre.

Several members of my staff have since made contact with Neil and are now under his care at Spinewave. I would highly recommend Neil to anyone else who is considering sharing the Chiropractic approach at their workplace. I believe the benefits are considerable.”

Theresa Dodd, Centre Director.

“Neil’s presentation was highly professional and extremely informative. He presented figures and statistics and simple to understand diagrams to highlight his points.

I was sitting with a group of people who predominantly did not visit a chiropractor, or believe in alternative options. I found it extremely interesting to watch their reactions and to see how they changed their mindset and became more open to taking onboard what Neil was saying.

We are the generation which needs to think of options for our health and wellbeing and just “do as we are told” or continue to follow the choices our parents may have made for us. Neil’s presentation was fantastic and one which I would highly recommend.”

Sandra Cottier and Lyle Irwin, Partner.

“Neil and I first met in January 2010 to discuss working together on wellness activities at IAG, including our Wellness Expo in February.

As the Safety and Wellness Consultant of IAG NZ with some 700+ staff, I get a lot of people trying to “get their foot in the door”. Neil was different though, and when we spoke he was compassionate, empathetic and caring. He has a dedication to his work and, like me, believes that what we do in Health and Safety potentially saves lives.

Neil is skilled and genuine about the subject of wellness and at our 2010 Wellness Expo was voted “Most Interesting Exhibitor”.

My belief is we’re not looking to simply patch people up, but aim to truly educate them and improve their overall quality of life. I can highly recommend Neil Bossenger from Spinewave to do a good job.”

Kim Reid, Safety and Wellness Consultant.

“Your talk was informative and interesting and I could see from the reactions of the people present that many of your ideas and processes hit home with them. At a time when we are all racing around like ants on a hot plate it is a good wake up call to consider how we are living and what stresses we put on ourselves, often unnecessarily. Your concepts are sound and definitely worth pursuing for those that are ready to make a change in their lives.”

Eleanor Barwell, HR Advisor and Health & Safety Committee.

“I would thoroughly recommend Neil to anyone that has ongoing health issues. It really is like going along to another world: I can’t give enough emphasis to the difference Neil has made to my overall health and wellbeing. When you visit Spinewave Wellness Centre both Pip and Neil always addresses you by your first name and it is so nice being identified each time you walk in. Neil is very pleasant and has such a lovely rapport with everyone, no matter what age. Neil and Pip make a great team – make sure you visit them soon.”

Karen Wardle, HR and Health & Safety Manager.

“My first introduction to Neil and Pip was in July 2009 at a 30 minute lunchtime presentation organised by our Human Resources Manager. The invitation caught my eye because of the emphasis on “wellbeing” – something that was already important to me.

Whether you are a sportsman or a businessman, you cannot perform at your best unless you feel well. I know that sounds simple, but ill health significantly affects performance. This is something we are very conscious of with our own team at Hayes Knight.

On a personal level, Neil and Pip are fantastic to deal with and they make appointments an enjoyable experience. Furthermore, over the past 18 months of care I have gained an improvement in my general wellbeing which is really positive for both my business and family life.”

Luke van den Hurk, Business Advisory Director.


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