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spinewave-email-usIf you are considering care at Spinewave for the first time, you are invited to email your queries, concerns and case history to us through the contact page. Your case will be reviewed and responded to within a 1 – 2 working days.

Interactive Presentation: Change Your Brain

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Spinewave specialises in improving spines, brains and cognition. Worn out brains can lead to sickness, fatigue, moodiness, chronic pain or brain fog. For more on chiropractic neurology, click here.

Dr Neil offers a complimentary talk called Change Your Brain in which he highlights key points to recognise a badly functioning brain and nervous system. He will discuss numerous topics related to brain fitness: the general state of feeling alert, in control, productive; and having the mental abilities required to function in society, in our occupations, and in our communities.

For early learning centres, a large portion of the talk will focus on brain development and common childhood health challenges.

Dr Neil is a full time practitioner, also completing a PhD in neuroscience.

To request Dr Neil as your guest speaker, click here.

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