Applied Kinesiology

triangleWhat is Applied Kinesiology or AK?

AK is a muscle testing system used to evaluate and find imbalances in the body. It was founded and developed in 1964 by Dr George J Goodheart who was a chiropractor. Since then it has been developed further by members of the ICAK and is continually evolving.

Specifically AK addresses the “triad of health”: the structural, chemical, and mental components of health. Think of AK like a body language system and the AK practitioner finds ways to “talk” to the body to make it function better.  Addressing the physical, chemical and emotional states of the body, treatments may involve:


  • Specific joint adjustments.
  • Myofascial therapies.
  • Cranial techniques.
  • Meridian and acupuncture skills.
  • Homeopathy.
  • Clinical nutrition.
  • Dietary management.
  • Counselling skills.
  • Evaluating environmental irritants.
  • Various reflex procedures.

Why see an Applied Kinesiologist?

Apart from neck and back pain, we typically see all sorts of conditions ranging from anxiety, to depression, intolerances or sensitivities, fatigue, low immunity or stress related health concerns.

Health is multifaceted and many health concerns people have come from a physical complaint that then causes an emotional issue or vice versa. An Applied Kinesiologist can assess the best method (or methods) of treatment to allow the body to recover. If you have any lingering health complaints which don’t seem to be getting better, this is the perfect time to see an AK practitioner.

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