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“I can now read labels in shops, the telephone book and the paper without having to find my glasses.”

I’m 63 and two months ago decided that I couldn’t put off losing some weight and getting fit to enjoy life, gardening, golf and tramping among other things more.

I was getting very stiff from gardening, my golf had fallen back and tramping and long walks were put on hold as I couldn’t comfortably cope.

I joined a gym and met Dr Neil Bossenger there when he was giving a lecture on Wellness through Chiropractic care.

After about 15 sessions with Neil my eyesight improved, I can now read labels in shops, the telephone book and the paper without having to find my glasses which constantly seem to be in the wrong place. My golf has improved and I am feeling much stronger generally. My toilet habits have improved and I no longer need to take any supplements.

I now take my two granddaughters to Neil, one is autistic and the other has severe allergies and dermatitis. My 4 year old autistic granddaughter has had some improvements in behaviour and movement and the 3 year olds skin has improved out of sight and she is no longer having bed wetting accidents at night.

All in all, we are all very happy with the improvements we are achieving under Neil’s care and cannot thank him and his team enough for their professionalism and help with our general health and well being.

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