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“I noticed on day one that he had a tremor in his hands and sporadic, intermittent twitching of other areas of the body.”

Pip said to me yesterday, “At 65, instead of his health deteriorating, he’s actually improving.”

There was a little more to this case than Mr. S alludes to in the testimonial (he has quite a thick file now) and as most clients know, I like to dig all this stuff out on the first visit.

Mr. S loves his golf. A year ago he was playing very little, and when he did, he’d be in tremendous pain and discomfort the next day with an unusual weakness in the legs. A year ago he wouldn’t be able to walk three-quarters of an hour before being really uncomfortable. His quality of sleep was shot – he would toss and turn all night and hardly ever get a decent rest. I noticed on day one that he had a tremor in his hands and sporadic, intermittent twitching of other areas of the body. Mr. S’s blood pressure was slightly elevated and quite unequal from left to right. Over the months Mr. S would bring me notes on new and different issues, one of which included “burning feet”, especially at night. He made several trips to the GP in conjunction with my care to investigate this further, to no avail: Diabetes and peripheral neuropathies all ruled out.

Age takes its toll on the brain, nervous system and spine and at 65, Mr. S had a slightly steeper hill to climb than younger clients. So we did what it took: Mr. S was getting adjusted 3 times a week for probably 3 to 4 months. This is an important note he didn’t mention in the testimonial. He’d then made enough progress to reduce the frequency of care over time and is still getting checked on a weekly basis now for overall health and well-being. But the fact is, for us “mere mortals”, most times there is no spontaneous remission. It takes work to achieve the result. And my presumption is that the chief reason a lot of people don’t get long lasting results in conservative types of care, that really make a significant impact on their life, is because the McDonald’s, 6-visit insurance based approach to care is applied and doesn’t work. When have you ever achieved anything significant in your life by totally applying yourself for just a couple of weeks?

Mr. S has been under chiropractic care a year now and last week played two full rounds of golf with no problem. He wrote to me yesterday that his walking ability has much improved and can walk up to an hour quite comfortably. There is no more weakness in his legs. He gets plenty of sleep and doesn’t feel tired the next day.

“The tremors have gone, as has the body twitching.”

The sensation of burning feet was a real concern for a while but that seems to be well under control. Blood pressure is normal. Mr. S wrote his overall energy is “a lot better and seems to be able to do things well without any bad effects.” All his original aches and pains… very rare.

So, you realise you’re all going to live to be somewhere around 100, right? What is the quality of those years going to be like?

Mr. S is an outstanding gentleman whom I have utmost respect for, and for his trust and persistence. He has taught me a lot and I’ve applied some of the same mentality to my life. Thank you. He wrote to me yesterday:

“I am sure I have more years of exercise and good health and providing I keep well tuned up with your help, I will be a well balanced individual.”

I have been receiving treatment from Dr. Bossenger for the last year and have found the service and attention always of a very friendly and efficient standard. Nothing is ever too much trouble and I have found it very easy to talk through problems with Neil.

My health problems have come about after many years of participation in active sports like squash, tennis and golf. When I started with Neil I was having lower back niggles, shoulder aches and neck stiffness. Through three times a week then twice weekly and now weekly treatments from Neil, I have noticed the aches and pains have greatly eased and in particular, my recovery after playing golf is very much better.

I would recommend the Spinewave system of treatment to anyone with similar problems as mine and would assure anyone of a good experience and genuine help from Neil at all times.

Mr. S

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