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May 17, 2012 by
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So this is the list you all came up with over the last couple weeks. The idea was to gain an understanding of the multitude of things that add stress to our lives, adversely affecting the way the brain and spine functions. Many of these things build up slowly from the inside until something has to eventually give.

The big idea is to address problems before they become problems – like taking your car for a service. However that could be a stress in itself! If I were to add my own item to the list it would be taking my car for a service. When it’s time to pick the vehicle up, sphincters tighten and my diaphragm goes into spasm! But it’s gotta be done for the well being of my travels.

The interesting thing to note about this comprehensive list is that the largest category is mental/emotional. People often associate the only need to see a chiropractor with some kind of physical ailment because of a “physical event”, like gardening or sport. 70-80% of problems seen at Spinewave are due to mental/emotional stress built up over time. The brain can’t cope and the body packs up.

There are a few funny ones in here. Thanks for playing along and enjoy your Stress List.

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