Cervical Dystonia

cervical dystoniaI think my case is unique insofar that my condition is almost cured against all odds of Western medicine – KA

Dystonia disrupts the nervous system’s ability to allow the brain and muscles to communicate. How the body controls muscle movement is very complicated and involves many areas of the brain.

The areas of the brain believed to be most affected by dystonia are called the basal ganglia.

The basal ganglia check the speed of movement and control unwanted movements. They are responsible for sending signals to muscles, instructing them when to move, and when to stop moving. For reasons not yet fully understand, in dystonia, the basal ganglia’s instructions to muscles become irregular and chaotic, resulting in unwanted muscle movements and contractions (see video example) ■

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War Neuroses

A very interesting series of videos showing the impact of war on the nervous system.

I’ve played a few “Call of Duties” on PC and often used to joke with friends about how if this was the real thing, I’d be killed in 30 seconds flat! I’m sure most of us had grandparents go through this time and my grandfather was definitely a changed man; never the same again. I mean, have a look at the patient’s response to the word “bombs” at 2:05 in the video. And as a consideration – the man at 4:00 exhibiting a lateral tremor – we do not recommend the neurologist’s adjusting techniques!

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