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heart rate upper cervical spineMuscles and joints of the neck can influence heart rate and blood pressure.

Research has shown that a pathway exists between neck muscles and a part of the brainstem (image below) called the nucleus tractus solitarius1 (NTS). Postural alterations to the spine or injured neck muscles can change the way the NTS works.

The NTS plays a crucial role in regulating heart rate and blood pressure. Not only does the NTS receive input from the spine (C1) and muscles, but it also responds to emotion and stress from the brain above. This is why both physical and mental stress can alter the heart.

The NTS can induce sensations of nausea due to its connections with the vestibular system, hence why you feel nauseous when your spine is “out”. It also has intimate connections with the autonomic nervous system, influencing temperature fluctuations, flushing and sweating.

The upper neck, or upper cervical spine, is critical to how many systems in the body function. Chiropractors are at the forefront of a growing number of professions that pay attention to the spine and its role in health, wellness and disease prevention. Upper cervical chiropractors in particular specialise in the way this area influences the nervous system (click image to enlarge) ■

One evening June 2012, while sitting watching TV, my heart rate increased to 170bpm.

I became dizzy, disorientated and very concerned. I thought I was having a heart attack.

I’m in my 50’s, very fit, and never considered myself heart attack material. I ended up in hospital where extensive tests were carried out: all were normal. After more extensive testing including an ECG and treadmill test, this time from a specialist, it appeared that I had the heart of a 30-year old.

I was told that I had some sort of tachycardic, electrical problem with my heart.

Many other symptoms followed. Muscle cramps, dizziness, sleep disorders, tingling arms, aching joints and more. The heart condition continued, sometimes while resting, other times while exercising. I was not sleeping well and my health was deteriorating. I was exploring all avenues of causes and possible remedies including vitamin deficiency, hormonal deficiency, surgical ablation and many other possibilities.

A chance meeting led me to a spinal examination. I had an x-ray taken of my spine and to my surprise I found that I had a curved spine, mainly in the upper neck area. After extensive research, I found that this particular area of the spine is very important in heart control, overall balance and muscle firing.

2 years later in January 2014, my research led me to a discussion on the phone with Dr Neil Bossenger.

After an initial consultation, I engaged in a personal program designed around my particular health issues. After just the first visit, I was very pleased and surprised at the results in my overall wellbeing. Many symptoms were noticeably better. During the following visits, my health continued to improve week by week.

I am over halfway through my program and continue to move forward. I am sleeping better, have more energy and strength, and many symptoms are improving.

My heart condition has definitely improved.

I believe with ongoing treatment from Dr Neil, that in time a complete recovery will take place. It makes total sense to me that if the spine is adjusted in a way that helps the nervous system to work better, then the body can naturally heal itself as it was designed to.

I would highly recommend Dr Neil and Spinewave to anyone who is concerned with overall health and wellness issues, and would be happy to talk to anybody that had questions specifically around the treatment protocol at Spinewave (details provided upon request).


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