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Chiropractic is as valuable to our family care as our GP.”

I first came to Neil after hearing him speak about managing stress through chiropractic care 3 years ago. Anything that helps me manage running two businesses and raising a young family immediately appeals to me. Spinewave educated me to understand how my workload and every demand on life puts stress on my nervous system, which interferes with the brain’s ability to communicate messages clearly. Neil showed me, very tangibly how this works. After assessing my physical state, he made me raise each leg and hold it up while he applied downward pressure; I could not hold my left leg up at all. He carefully assessed my upper neck and made a small adjustment, and just like that the “block” was cleared and I had full control over my leg. My brain could communicate with my body once again.

I had also always fobbed off a frequent twinge in my shoulder and painful muscle spasms as one of those random pains that you just have to put up with; or exaggerated emotional responses put down to a stressful workload that I had little control over.

I am now in tune with my body: that random shoulder twinge is actually not so random. Like clockwork, when my work pressure increases, my shoulder starts to twinge. If I ignore it, it gets worse. Before being treated by Spinewave, I would let this go until the pain shot all the way down my arm. I would then resort to physio treatment, not really knowing what other options I had. Physio would take at least 6 sessions of slow recovery. Now I see Neil, I get immediate relief (no more than 2 or 3 adjustments) to being fully functional again, and each adjustment is almost half the cost per treatment that I paid before.

I know now, that while my daily life demands don’t change, with chiropractic keeping my nervous system in check, my ability to cope with that stress does. My ability to deal with my stress is significantly better than the years before I had chiropractic to turn to. Neil also gives me ways to actively manage my stress and keep my mind focused, clear and productive.

Chiropractic has also helped manage my stress and my body through my second pregnancy and now Neil treats both of my children. My second child had his first gentle adjustment at 11 weeks old. Just like me, my boys’ little systems are exposed to stresses – not so much from workload of course, but two boys get plenty of bumps and bangs in their everyday rough and tumble play, and they push themselves so that they also experience “exaggerated emotional responses” (tantrums). I feel confident that with Neil’s care their systems are operating at full potential and they have the best chance to develop, learn and cope.

Also, knowing that children’s skeletal and nervous structure is very malleable in the early years, I am conscious to make sure that they have the best chance in their adult years by eliminating as many hurdles from their systems now while they are developing and before the skeletal structure forms completely.

I could go on and on about how Neil has educated me about how my system operates and how to get the most out of it. My husband has also reaped the benefits of Spinewave. After years of waking up in pain, not being able to sleep in due to discomfort in his back, I no longer hear daily complaints and he is more than capable of a good sleep-in when he gets the chance now!

Fox, Gabrielle, Nixon and Richie, 2012.

Chiropractic is as valuable to our family care as our GP. Neil is a great friend who has helped us in emergency cases at a moment’s notice (husband’s temporary paralysis after a bad massage!) and in our everyday health. Neil and Pip: we thank you so much and feel really lucky to have experienced the benefits of your care – thank you.

Gabrielle Ellett

© Dr Neil Bossenger 2012

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