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“Existentialist ravings of a Mensa reject if you ask me! You’d have to be a bloody bio-physicist to understand HALF of what he drones on about.”

I have been under the care of Dr Neil Bossenger for nearly two years, and throughout that term he has not only provided ongoing care of a “continuous improvement” nature, but also reacted to a number of sports-related injuries from aikido including lower back spasms, hamstring pulls, shoulder dislocations and wrist injuries.

As a practitioner, I find his bedside manner excellent in that he is clearly evangelical about his art and this shines through in his enthusiasm and clear explanations as to the various adjustments being made. Sometimes he will rattle on for ages; “blah blah blah unified body and spirit” or “we are what we think so think blah blah blah”. It’s all very well being an advocate of what you do, but he really does go on. And the bloody WICA blog! What the f’ing hell is that all about? Existentialist ravings of a Mensa reject if you ask me! You’d have to be a bloody bio-physicist to understand HALF of what he drones on about. I normally glaze over once I’ve looked at the pretty picture at the top.

But this approach has enabled me to build a great deal of trust in Neil as a health care professional. Although I’m still not sure he really HAS a girlfriend. Sometimes when you are strapped face-down onto the table you feel a bit bloody vulnerable, I can  tell you. Good job the clinic isn’t in Ponsonby. Yet I have since referred many of my friends, all of whom have nothing but good things to say about the quality of care received, although many of them still have trouble walking.

I will admit that having previously had disappointing experiences with osteopathic treatment, as the overpaid Indian thought jumping on my back would somehow make me feel better and fought back a lot harder than I guessed he would (damn good right hook for a little Ghandi look-a-like), I was largely unconvinced as to whether chiropractic care would be of any benefit. But it is patently clear to me now that an ongoing care program is essential to my well being as is eating a good diet and sleeping well. None of which I do anyway.

I would not hesitate to recommend Neil as a chiropractic practitioner. Or as a personal masseur, or perhaps a cab driver.


Dunken Francis

For more information on the Institute of Aikido Auckland, click here.

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