Shoulder Pain

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“My life is 300 % plus better than ever now and one must thank Spinewave for all their expertise.”

Michael had previously injured his shoulder from a very high fall. This is a classic example of how disturbance from a “bung” shoulder can wreak havoc with the central nervous system via negative feedback into the spine. Over time his posture deteriorated, cervicogenic headaches induced (meaning, from the spine) and the pain worsening in his shoulder.

When he first came to Spinewave, like many clients very worried about their condition, he thought he needed MRI scans, CT scans, amongst a raft of other concerns because chronic pain can sometimes become overwhelming. Like I say to many: Let’s worry when it’s time to worry. In the meantime, let’s get to work…

My life is 300 % plus better than ever now and one must thank Spinewave for all their expertise and efforts this far on the recovery journey.

16th April the right side of my body was in pain. I had up to 5 headaches a week and sleep disturbed. At times acute pain was experienced on both sides of my neck. When I walked my body moved in pain and posture was stunted forward. This meant shooting neck pains. Pain killers were my friends until I chose to act.

My general well being was hindered by a previous roof fall. Mentally I was living at a sub standard existence. My life energy was low and limited in movement of physical activities. My favourite sports were not attempted.

Today life is different; my posture has exceeded expectations of what is possible. I sleep longer and deeper and can walk up stairs without pain. I stand straighter and sit more comfortable in chairs. Recently I have begun lifting weights again and playing golf. Thank you Neil for proving what is possible.

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