Raynaud’s Syndrome

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Raynaud's Syndrome Disease ChiropractorImproper functioning of the nervous system can affect blood vessels, most frequently those of the fingers and toes, causing the blood vessels to constrict when a person is cold or experiencing stress. This results in less blood flowing to the extremities, which then turn white or blue. It can often be painful when blood flow returns to the affected digits.

Raynaud’s Syndrome is a condition of recurring episodes of angiospasm of peripheral arteries, predominantly the arterioles. This angiospastic disorder presents clinically in a symmetrical pattern affecting the upper extremities and is commonly seen in females ■

I started treatment with Neil in May as I had been experiencing extreme sciatic pain for the previous six months. My doctor had given me two treatment options: epidural steroid injections or sciatic nerve surgery. So I was keen to explore other more natural and less painful options.

Further reading: Efficacy of drugs for sciatica unclear.

Neil explained his program of treatment lasting for about two months. Neil said that he would not only carry out adjustments to my lower back but also to the upper cervical region. Gradually over that period I experienced improvements and now I am totally pain free. I feel really great and not only has the sciatic pain gone but I have noticed other changes.

For years I have suffered with Raynaud’s Syndrome, where I have an adverse reaction to cold. My fingers would turn white and go numb with just a slight change in temperature. With things like holding a cold drink in summer or peeling a piece of cold fruit from the fridge, my fingers would turn white and numb in minutes.

Raynaud's Syndrome Chiropractor

Over these winter months, when this problem is usually at its worst, I have found great improvement. I think the treatment I have been having from Neil has helped improve my circulation.

I have felt comfortable and relaxed with the treatment at Spinewave and am so grateful to be pain free and active again with added unexpected improvements.

It is really important to commit to the suggested regime of regular appointments that Neil plans as I can say I felt the gradual improvements week by week and I am so pleased with the results. I will be sure to pass on the good news to my doctor as this is definitely a far less traumatic treatment option that should be considered!


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