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I had forgotten how it felt to be well and pain free – Mark.

Polypharmacy means multiple medications. Either for the same condition or a number of conditions. The relevance of this case is that it is so common, it’s almost accepted as normal. Simply because thousands believe in a particular idea, doesn’t make it so. However the preface is: Everything has its place. The real question is of appropriateness.

What is the most appropriate solution for my problem at this time?

One challenge in health care is that a visit to the GP, for instance, occurs once or twice a year and forming a relationship doesn’t happen in fifteen minutes. It’s virtually impossible to nut out an individual’s entire history in one session and, given the fact that life changes and evolves, one’s history is a moving picture. Snapshots of a single piece of the puzzle, such as bloodwork, at any given moment in time may not be enough. Addressing the neuroimmune changes in a body that have taken a lifetime to formulate, as well as tackling lifestyle stressors, is of an ongoing and continuous nature and this is the essence of wellness.

Polypharmacy can be a real problem if certain drugs are not meant to be taken together, or particular symptoms are an effect of the drug. The appropriate solution may not be simply adding another one to the mix, especially if causation is not being addressed. You need to talk to a good GP – and a good chiropractor while you’re at it because if your health care provider is not doing bodywork of some description by now, they’re behind the 8 ball.

Health cannot be achieved through chemical manipulation alone ■

You always wonder after having been to so many other medical people if the next treatment will work. I had been for many years under the care of both my general practitioner and a specialist.

Frustration with my health issues and no progress at all lead me to first see Neil, an upper neck chiropractor specialist, in February 2010.

Neil was up front and told me he didn’t know how chiropractic would work for me. My gout, cholesterol, and blood pressure medications were a challenge for Neil and he referred me to a particular GP to work alongside with. On Neil’s recommendation after reading through all my medications, a change in specialist lead to a change in one of my medications as it actually promoted gout! I have not been in pain, nor had an attack since this change (I had been in constant pain for years and ended up bedridden at least once a month for several days).

A few years ago I was diagnosed as having metabolic syndrome which covers weight, gout, diabetes, cholesterol, high blood pressure and a likelihood of heart issues in the future. This came on top of contracting meningococcal septicaemia ten years ago and various residual issues.

Basically I had forgotten how it felt to be well and pain free. I am often told I have a high pain tolerance and I thought this was probably my lot.

I had beaten Diabetes Type 2 about two years ago. A change in diet and better exercise freed me of insulin dependency and I continue to have normal readings which remain stable with no pharmaceutical intervention.

Under Neil’s programme I have improved in my general well being, my blood pressure has dropped to normal levels (hopefully reduce or eliminate medications as we go forward), my energy levels are greatly improved and not being in pain each day means I have a more positive outlook on life. I have even dropped in weight and have re-enrolled at the gym which had to go by the wayside last year.

Why didn’t Neil and I meet years ago?

I find it hard to believe my first upper neck adjustment with Neil was only in February this year. In a few months I could be in positively rude health. Watch out!!!

The Spinewave experience has been a positive one, and the benefits have far outweighed my expectations.

Mark Lewisham

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