Non-traumatic causes of upper neck misalignment

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atlas subluxation misalignment 2While most would agree that trauma usually causes the first “subluxation” or misalignment, leading to upper cervical health-related problems, we often find that subsequent subluxations can come from many non-traumatic sources.

The following is a list of non-traumatic influences on the nervous system that would cause a “blunting” defense response by the brain and spine, leading to subluxation or misalignment:

  1. A sudden intense stimulus of light to the eyes.
  2. Pressure changes following traumatic brain injury.
  3. An explosive noise provoking a defensive reflex movement.
  4. Sudden or prolonged stimuli to the skin (cold, heat, a blow, a draft).
  5. Venous ballottement in brain following prolonged fight/flight response.
  6. Pressure conditions accompanying menstruation and pregnancy (venous stasis).
  7. Intense overwork, especially one sided, prolonged and repetitive muscular activity.
  8. Inhaled tobacco smoke, a micro-trauma to the vegetative nerves of the bronchial tree.
  9. Any infectious focus affecting the corresponding spinal segment by long-sustained stimulation above the neural threshold.
  10. Any chemical or thermal stimulus above the neural threshold to the mucous membranes of the gastrointestinal tract (ice water, very hot drinks, alcohol).

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