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“The first adjustment that Neil gave me fixed the constipation that I’d been suffering from for most of my adult life.”

Michele’s story is one of relative simplicity in terms of problem/solution but I’m sure there are many people like her. Cases get more complicated the more variables you add into the mix, like multiple medications, length of time with problems, horrendous life stressors etc. However, why I include Upper Cervical Care as a main focus at our practice is because your spinal cord is where most of your nervous system is, and it gets more important the higher up the cord you go. Consider paraplegic versus quadraplegic (Christopher Reeves/Superman). So the top of the neck has the most influence in changing the way the brain and body works.

For the last few years I’ve suffered migraines on a regular basis. These migraines have ranged from moderate pain and fatigue lasting half a day to severe pain and fatigue for 2 days which confines me to bed. Because of the fatigue I tend to sleep a lot but of course there’s times when the pain won’t let me sleep and I have to wrap a scarf tightly around my head to ease the pressure.

I started coming to Spinewave at the beginning of this year – mainly because my friend Pip works there and she told me of the great results that she’d seen in people attending the clinic and suggested that I at least try it to see if it would help the migraines. As I’d just come through a difficult Christmas period with suffering migraines every couple of weeks, I was happy to try anything.

The first adjustment that Neil gave me fixed the constipation that I’d been suffering from for most of my adult life. I’m sure anyone would understand and appreciate my joy in just that one thing.

Not only have I felt physically better, I also feel emotionally better and able to deal with the stresses that a fulltime job and a combined family bring. This is what keeps me returning to the clinic.

But it’s not just the results that makes Spinewave worth coming back for. Not only is Neil a true professional in both his approach and treatment, he’s also a great listener and a moral support. And of course Pip has been listening to me for years already. Her natural warmth and empathy for people, her sense of humour, combined with her professionalism, is a truly valued asset to Spinewave.

I still get the occasional migraine but they appear to be less severe and less frequent. I’m hoping with continual treatment from Neil (and Pip!) that they will eventually disappear altogether.

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Michele Corcoran

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