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“I have found that I have been able to make important life decisions that previously I had not been in a stable enough frame of mind to do.”

Having been under chiropractic myself for a very long time, I find there are different stages that the art creates for one’s sense of well being as we evolve, learn and grow. Chiropractic is the art of evolution in understanding oneself and how we shape our thoughts and lives continually for something better. In the beginning we set the noble goal of simply leading a comfortable, pain free existence. But for those who stick around and peek down the rabbit hole, there’s a little more to uncover about ourselves and the world around us; and the effects of how we choose to interact with it. The girth of this new website will now hopefully allow me to share that with you over time. But why I like this testimonial is because someone finally struck the exact chord as to why I personally get checked by a chiropractor – and it’s what I say in business lectures: The reason I get checked on a regular basis is because, as an entrepreneur and clinician, I need to keep making good decisions on a daily basis.

I sought out Chiropractic treatment in June 2008 at Spinewave Wellness Centre. I had received Chiropractic treatment approximately 10 years earlier so I had some idea what to expect.

What I didn’t expect to receive however was the incredible level of empathy that Neil showed me and the natural ability he has of building an instant rapport with his clients. I sought out treatment as I suffer a lot of back and neck discomfort caused in part by my job as a dental hygienist.

From the very first appointment with Neil I noticed that my headaches became less frequent and the degree of back/neck pain has lessened considerably as well. In the last 2 years I have taken a lot less pain medication than in previous years.

Being under Chiropractic care has had other positive affects on my life as well. Aside from the obvious one of reducing pain I have found that I have been able to make important life decisions that previously I had not been in a stable enough frame of mind to do. I’ve also taken some important things away from my time with Neil and been able to apply these to my own work.

As a clinician who works with people in a health care environment I have tried to adopt a more humanistic, caring approach to the way I relate to my own clients in dental hygiene practice and this has been as a direct result of seeing Neil relate to his clients. With his enthusiasm and passion for healthcare and his holistic approach to treatment I am reminded of why I chose the health care profession myself. Neil has a quiet strength and calmness about him coupled with a slightly off-beat sense of humour which I believe go a long way towards helping people feel comfortable whilst under his care.

I have recommended Neil to many people and I am confident that Spinewave Wellness Centre will continue to grow and evolve into the future.

Julie Schultz RDH

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