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“For me and my family chiropractic is not just about the quick fix, it is a way of maintaining a healthy life. Regular care ensures we maintain good health so that our bodies can support us in getting the most out of our lives!”

My family and I have been receiving excellent chiropractic treatment, care and friendship from the wonderful team at Spinewave for the past two years.

We moved “across the ditch” from Melbourne with my husband’s work a little over two years ago without family support and starting anew with a young family, now aged 2 and 4 years.

Chiropractic care had been a part of our family’s general health maintenance program for many years. Chiropractic has supported me through my pregnancies and busy day to day life and when we arrived in Auckland after about 2 to 3 weeks my body and mind needed some balance so I set to seeking out a good chiropractor.

For me and my family finding the right therapist is not just about credentials and experience, it is a therapist and clinic that offers a professional, informative, caring and supportive atmosphere and treatment. People that are good with children, who build relationships, provide honest, informed, thoughtful advice, are friendly, warm and nurturing; a place where we feel truly welcomed and safe to share. Neil and Pip have been this and so much more.

Pip is always friendly and supportive, with my little ones especially – so patient when my daughter Ava wants to help her behind the desk. She is always gentle and kind. When we bustle through the door we are always greeted with a warm welcome from Pip!

Some practitioners I have met are good technicians, professional, well-skilled and trained, however I believe true healers are those who offer more through their empathy, ability to reach people through their words, being able to console, nurture, educate and guide: this is Neil. His passion for helping people find good health and balance comes from within, and this is not something that can be learnt, it is innate. In my experience Neil is an intelligent, calm, thoughtful, wise, caring and passionate individual who strives to make a positive difference in people’s lives through chiropractic. He is an educator, sharing his knowledge, understanding and personal experience to aid and nurture people to health and balance.

When I was unsure about immunising my youngest Ashton, Neil supported me in providing sound up-to-date accredited information, advice and reading material so that I could make an informed decision. When the children have been unwell or I have had a health concern, Neil has always made time to see us or has offered time to speak with me. More recently I was diagnosed with a health condition that required surgery. Initially the diagnosis was uncertain and I had many doubts and concerns. Neil took the time to talk me through all that he knew about my condition researching and exploring all options with me. He also made time to talk to me outside of his working hours. In his wise and compassionate manner he gave me informed and caring advice, always having my best interests at heart. He listened to all my questions, fears and concerns and supported me through every step.

For me and my family chiropractic is not just about the quick fix, it is a way of maintaining a healthy life. We all have regular treatment at Spinewave, which supports my children and me in our busy full lives. We liken it to ensuring your car is running well with regular servicing so that it keeps you safe and gets you were you need to go. Regular chiropractic care ensures we maintain good health so that our bodies can support us in getting the most out of our lives!

We whole-heartedly recommended Spinewave Wellness Centre for excellent, nurturing chiropractic care.

Kind regards,

Jo, Ava & Ashton
St Heliers, Auckland

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