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November 19, 2008 by
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“After 7 weeks we did a check of my blood pressure and found, very much to our pleasure, that my blood pressure was down to normal levels.”

I have been seeing Neil for some 15 weeks and in that time have found his chiropractic care, service and professionalism to be of a very high standard.

At the time of my initial consultation I had been prescribed high blood pressure medication by my GP and was unsure about taking the medication due to possible side effects and the overall nature of how the medication worked on my body. In conjunction with Neil’s advice I chose not to take the pills and trusted that Neil’s chiropractic care would alleviate my higher than normal blood pressure, which at the time on my consult (7 Aug 08) was 142/98. Also at my initial consult the thermographic scan of my spine was not a pretty picture due to all the life stresses I had been under for the last couple of years.

Neil’s treatment plan had me initially on 3 visits a week for the first 8 weeks and then on 2 visits a week there after. After 7 weeks (21 treatments) we did a check of my blood pressure and found, very much to our pleasure, that my blood pressure was down to normal levels at 122/84 and that a subsequent reading at week 15 shows that my blood pressure remains at normal levels. Also my thermographic spine scans have shown a continual improvement even though my life stresses have not improved and have even become worse.

I am grateful for the chiropractic care I receive from Neil and after each of my sessions I have a sense of well being that is hard to quantify, other than to say I feel positive about my health and about being able to cope with the stresses in my life. I am sure that this will continue as I continue to receive chiropractic care from Dr Neil Bossenger and his team at Spinewave Wellness Centre.

I have no hesitation in recommending Dr Neil Bossenger and his chiropractic care to anyone.

Yours faithfully

Don Landsbergen

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