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“I noticed that I was able to read some things without my reading glasses on.”

I started seeing Neil in June 2008.

I had used chiropractic care for a large part of my a adult life with only short term results.

As Neil’s approach to healing through chiropractic care was considerably different, and it fitted with my belief system regarding healing I was prepared to try his approach.

This meant that I saw him 4 times a week for a month, [the base program] and on every visit an adjustment was needed. I chose to stop the light medication that I was taking nightly for pain control so that I could monitor any results from the ‘real’ state of my body, not a body that was ‘masked’ by medication. Actually the ‘real’ body state came as a bit of a shock as the medication left my system, it was really uncomfortable.

For the first 3 weeks or so nothing seemed to have changed significantly until I noticed that I was able to read some things without my reading glasses on. I had used them for 10 years to read almost everything. I can now read labels on tins and packets in the supermarket and instructions on pamphlets, advertising material and some books unaided. This has remained a permanent result of care that I have received from Neil.

By the time I moved onto weeks 5 to 8 of treatment seeing Neil 2 times a week, many of my symptoms had lessened in severity. I remain medication free and when we did the comparison examination I found that my symptoms had lessened by 70%.

I am now on the intermediate program seeing Neil once a week, allowing further repair to take place and for my body to stabilize.

I am really thrilled with the results I have gained, celebrate that I am free of medication, and that my body has reached this state of wellness with Neil’s professional and caring intervention. I am looking forward to further changes as we work together.

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