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“I have never had dizzy spells again and remarkably my high blood pressure has dropped.”

Dizziness and vertigo can have a myriad of causes from inner ear disease or vestibular dysfunction, to brainstem or cerebellar misfiring – the cerebellum is the part of the brain which the police test on the side of the road when one has had one too many. There can also be poor vestibulo-ocular reflexes (eye to inner ear connections) or poor vestibulo-spinal reflexes (upper spine to inner ear connections). This is oftentimes too why, when a person’s vision starts deteriorating or they change glasses, it can begin messing with the brain and balance. Likewise with bumps, falls or whiplash to the neck.

So it’s important to work out at what level the problem might be but a good neurological exam or working with other professionals will put one on the right track. In the absence of hardcore disease or damage, upper cervical adjusting can have a lot to offer for resetting the computer system of a lot of these connections especially when it comes to  vestibulo-spinal and vestibulo-ocular reflexes (see pic). Associated problems in this arena would be nausea or vomiting, poor balance, change in vision, headaches or change in blood pressure because the brainstem has a huge role to play in how the automatic part of the nervous system controls this. Correcting the upper spine appropriately (in the absence of pain) can often reduce blood pressure.

Falls amongst the elderly is one of the highest morbidity predictors next to them being over-medicated (potentially another cause of vertigo). Meaning falls are common, and they lead to bad things: Broken hips, legs, wrists and these take a very long time to heal, if ever. The elderly lose independence and hopelessness sets in. So if you have a parent about whose balance you’re concerned, give Pip a buzz.

The other little gem I love about this case is how Gill’s quality of life improved after simply adjusting her arthritic thumb. Now she can write letters, turn knobs and play golf better again! Success is in the details.

“I was apprehensive.”

I was a bit apprehensive of what I had heard from others about chiropractors and didn’t like the idea of having my bones “cracked”, in fact, I don’t go easily to medical people unless it is really necessary. My son had said to try Neil but I was feeling a little nervous.

“But it was gentle and relaxing.”

But what I found with Neil was that he is very calm, gentle and listens well. Going to him is quite relaxing and nothing like what I initially thought it might be.

I have had a bad year with flu, general aches and pains, and dizzy spells. When playing golf I found I was feeling dizzy when I bent over to pick up the golf balls and was struggling to hold the club properly with my arthritic thumb.

“Never had dizzy spells again and my high blood pressure dropped.”

I felt generally much better within a couple of visits and found I was walking tall and more balanced. I was actually not aware that my walking was unbalanced in the first place. I am now on a regular maintenance proactive program with him. By correcting and maintaining my upper neck area, I have never had dizzy spells again, and remarkably my high blood pressure has dropped. Neil also worked on loosening up my arthritic thumb.

“Now I enjoy my golf.”

I now enjoy my golf again, and even gripping my pen to write and using everyday things like clothes pegs, remote controls, turning door knobs has much improved.

Gill Cook
Pinesong Retirement Village

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