Course Correction

December 5, 2010 by
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You’re going to make mistakes. It’s inevitable.

Waiting for the perfect timing to either start something new, make a change or find the one hit wonder usually leads to immobilisation. Simply begin and suck at it first. There is plenty time to improve along the way.

As life continues to move forward I look back on the trail in the sky and think, wow, there has been a ton of course correction! See, life is actually about the destination. But hundreds of them. Little goals along the way that you set for yourself and fly toward every year. It’s the goals, ideals and values of who we want to become that continually draw us forward. Without these destinations the plane cannot calculate where it needs to go and course correct accordingly.

The destinations have to be set and we’re drawn toward them. This is a big distinction from being pushed by fear of something or operating out of doubt: If I don’t do this, this will happen. That lacks true power and will ultimately become unsustainable because it continually requires the fire to be fuelled, like you’re standing at the coalface shovelling spade after spade into an exhausting fire. Every morning when your feet hit the floor, the mana drains out of them before the passionless day has even begun.

Destinations keep our eyes up and allow us to look around. Unlike the most annoying drivers in the world who are completely obliviousĀ  to their surroundings – never once looking in any mirror and driving well below the speed limit – therein is your experience of the journey: Flight presence. But you have to know where you’re going. And along the way there is going to be turbulence and errors. Sometimes a new destination will have to be preset because the last one was a mistake. I don’t buy into the hippy stuff that “there are no mistakes” only “learning experiences”. We. Make. Mistakes. Acknowledge them, apologise if necessary, don’tĀ  do it again and course correct. As children of God born with free will to do what we like, you are allowed to set a new destination and say, right, I’m going to do a damn better job this time and my new course looks amazing; I look forward to when I get there so I can put my feet up and enjoy the rewards.

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