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“I remembered telling friends last year that all I wanted for Christmas is for Lennox to poo regularly! Thanks to Neil that’s just what I got.”

Here are two independent cases side-by-side, which illustrate how gently correcting the upper half of the child’s nervous system, the upper neck, can profoundly influence the bottom half, bowel and bladder. So it’s not random luck! Two seemingly diametric problems, bed wetting and constipation, reach full resolution through specific upper cervical care.

Comfortable, confident, healthy children make for happy mums. Please forward these cases on to mums who want to be happy.

Spinewave was introduced to me by my mother-in-law (Pauline Lancaster) at the end of 2009. My son, Lennox, suffered from constipation which we battled with from the age of 6 months, going 4-5 days without ‘producing’.

I tried everything from changing his diet, tummy massage, natural remedies and of course, many costly visits to the doctor. Nothing seemed to work and it was breaking my heart to see our little boy in such pain and obvious discomfort. So, on the suggestion of my mother-in-Law, I took our boy to see Neil and Pip.

I was initially hesitant – probably due to my own misconceptions of how chiropractors might work. I certainly didn’t like the thought of a little kid having his back ‘clicked or cracked’. On the contrary I found Neil’s treatments gentle and painless on our son and he was always at ease during treatment sessions. I found Neil to be open and informative. He explained to me, in a way I found easy to understand, the importance of a nervous system that functions regularly. I found his explanations visual-rich and gave me an understanding of the subject that I needed to help get my family’s health back on track.

I remembered telling friends last year that all I wanted for Christmas is for Lennox to poo regularly! Thanks to Neil that’s just what I got. After just four sessions the pain and struggling he would experience had subsided completely. And very soon they would become a regular daily occurrence.

Lennox is now 15 months and he’s become a very healthy boy with a very happy Mum. I would have no trouble in recommending the team at Spinewave to anyone.

Many thanks
Natalie Lancaster

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