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“We were also told that he would not be able to feel his foot and his hand after a time because the tumour would grow and put pressure on his brain but after chiropractic care Greg could feel his foot, stretch his foot, use his hand and feed himself.”

Greg and Lee used to drive from Tauranga to Auckland (400km round trip) once a week and did this for almost a year. It was a commitment to chiropractic care second to none. How many chiropractic offices would they drive past to get here? We felt truly honoured to have them a part of the practice. As I’ve said to Lee, it was a joy to be chosen as their chiropractor because I look back fondly on what fun it was to look after this family and bear witness to the miracle of Greg being able to slip his jandal on without hands after each atlas adjustment.

The tumour was in a part of his brain that took function from the right arm and leg. But the beauty was seeing the power of chiropractic and an upper cervical adjustment, right in front of me, as Greg was able to tell whether his right big toe was pointed up or down when he had his eyes closed – and he started getting it right every time as his system came back to life. I was so blown away I would honestly say, “You’re not bullshitting me, are you Greg?” (we had a good relationship). “No,” he’d say, “it’s pointed up and I can feel my foot!”.

If I didn’t already have enough evidence to support the premise that chiropractic rocks, this would be enough. Thank you Roche family.

Please have a read through and take a look at Lee’s website and book. The Roche family have had a long road and could do with a helping hand now. The book is an easy read, and having supported a number of people with cancer, generally they are inundated with information. This book cuts right to the chase and can easily be absorbed in a day to give someone with cancer some fresh ideas and perspective.

Dear Neil and Pip

I feel it is time for me to thank you for being a part of our lives and share with you this letter.

As you are aware, last August Greg lost his battle with cancer. Greg was diagnosed with throat cancer in 2005 and was not expected to live to see his 50th birthday. Well he did. He fought and was so determined to live that I wrote a book about his journey. He was so amazing with his strength, determination and positive attitude that he inspired me to share his story with the world. The book Circle of Life – How I Saved My Husband from Cancer went on the book shelves in 2008.

Greg had regained his strength and was back to normal. It was amazing to watch him return to the man that I had fallen in love with. He never lost his humour during this ordeal and I was so proud of him. He was such an inspiration to other people.

We were back to normal and soon cancer was a distant memory. We purchased the home of our dreams, started another company and planned for our future. Everything was going to plan and our lives were fantastic.

Then on August 5th, 2008, Greg collapsed at work, had an aggressive seizure and stopped breathing. I managed to bring him back to life and he was taken to hospital only to be told that he had a brain tumour. The news was devastating. He was told he had less than 9 months to live. We immediately closed down the company as he could no longer drive or work and I did not want to spend the rest of his life working.

We had always received chiropractic care and were receiving regular care from a chiropractor here in Papamoa when Greg was diagnosed. However, Kate our youngest daughter, was studying at the NZ College of Chiropractic in Auckland and she mentioned to one of her tutors, Graham Dobson, that Greg had just been diagnosed with the brain tumour. Graham asked to see Greg immediately. From the moment we met Graham both Greg and I had a bigger light at the end of tunnel shine on us. Twice a week we visited Spinewave, which of course is now your practice and when Graham retired we had the pleasure of meeting you and you continuing with Greg’s care.

The tumour was situated in an area of Greg’s brain that caused seizures and would reduce his mobility to eventually him being in a wheelchair. But with your care and both you and Greg’s determination his seizures were reduced to monthly. Doctors wanted Greg to be on drugs everyday to stop the seizures and they told us he would probably have the seizures daily.

He was able to walk on his own right up until the last month of his life. I believe that was also from upper cervical care. We were also told that he would not be able to feel his foot and his hand after a time because the tumour would grow and put pressure on his brain but after chiropractic care Greg could feel his foot, stretch his foot, use his hand and feed himself.

When we would visit the hospital, the specialists used to stand there baffled at how well Greg was doing. One doctor told him that he was a walking miracle. The doctors even tried to stop us from taking a trip to Greece because they felt he was not well enough and what if he died? Well we went and we had the time of our lives.

Unfortunately in July Greg got a chest infection and was not well enough to travel to Auckland anymore and we had to stop our visits. Nothing we did would fight the infection. Greg’s lungs filled with fluid, he slipped into a coma and died on the August 7th, 2009.

Your kindness, generosity and support over the last 12 months of Greg’s life will stay in my heart forever. You are amazing and I thank you. I truly believe you helped prolong his life.

Since then I have struggled financially and am about to lose my home because we had to fight for 5 years. I rewrote my book to include the last chapter of Greg’s life and now I am asking for help. All I need is 10,000 people to purchase the e-book of Circle of Life – How I Helped My Husband through the Journey of Cancer and I will be able to pay the overdue amount of my mortgage and keep my home.

As you are aware there are 1 in 4 people affected by cancer everyday and I know that we prolonged Greg’s life by changing our diet, lifestyle and attitude. If you could find it in your heart to purchase my book for $10.00 NZD and pass the link on to everyone you know I would be forever grateful.

You can purchase the book by going to

With love, light and laughter


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