Benevolent versus Malevolent

April 27, 2010 by
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Finally the universe and I are starting to see eye to eye again.

For every spinal adjustment we need probably a score of mental adjustments to remind us of the fact that “alles sal reg kom”, or everything will come right, as my late grandmother used to say. But then when you’re nigh on 90 I presume because you’ve seen and experienced so much you stop giving a rats about a lot of trivialities. The frustration of youth, I suppose, (and that’s anything under 90) is that when you get a whiff of success from any direction suddenly expectations are blown way out of proportion and it becomes easy to get upset about where you’re not. Or what you haven’t got. Or what you should have. And ultimately forgetting what you are supposed to already be grateful for.

Marion Gold from Alphaville, (“forever young, I want to be forever young…” yes, I grew up in the 80s and listened to 80s music, and also went to see Simple Minds last month, was the youngest person there but they rocked) had an expression: “Perhaps you’ve only grown up when you can bear not being understood.”

I think it’s important to maintain one’s youthful sense of wonder about the world and how things manifest in our lives but not get to the point where we’ve grown up and don’t care whether people don’t understand our point of view, or what we’re striving for. In that vein growing up is almost like giving up – and God knows we’ve all wanted to do that several times. But then this is where I rest on the fundamental my grandmother alluded to, that ultimately I will be taken care of and all will be well (Newton, 2010) because we live in a benevolent universe; a universe that is consistently conspiring to help us. That can be a really difficult concept to grasp when the road has seemed uphill for longer than one cares to remember. However it’s a very comforting statement to rest on: Ultimately I will be taken care of.

Is your fundamental belief system that we live in a benevolent or a malevolent universe? I believe it’s important to let go of the illusion that the world is against you and, more importantly, that if you subscribe to Law of Attraction theory, that when you think of something and the OPPOSITE happens, it’s not always your fault. This is something that gets my goat about New Age theory, especially since The Secret became so popular: Sometimes people think that everything occurring in one’s life (and I mean EVERYTHING) is a product of what you thought about the day before. This is when it’s a good idea to rest on the foundation that “ultimately I will be taken care of”, because there is – shock-horror – a lot of things beyond your control. So relax. You’re not manifesting every single electrical impulse in your brain, because there are a million other people also manifesting their own nonsense. And you definitely know someone people whose nonsense you don’t want to get wrapped up in.

You will become what you think about most of the time… over time… but it’s not a blitzkrieg instantaneous process. So relax, and know that ultimately you will be taken care of.

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