Bed Wetting

March 7, 2010 by
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“Samuel started to be treated by Neil and after just 4 visits no more wet beds. Unbelievable.”

My name is Leanne Brew and I have been under Neil’s Chiropractic care for almost a year.

While sitting in Neil’s waiting room about 6 months ago I started to read some of the interesting facts that are continually on the TV screen in front of me. I had read these many times before but one caught my eye that day. It was about bed wetting in children and how it can be connected to the nervous system. I immediately thought of my six-year-old son Samuel, who even though we had tried various things still wet his bed at least twice a night. Going in for my appointment I mentioned to Neil what I had just read. He suggested I bring Samuel in for an assessment, which I did the next week.

Samuel started to be treated by Neil and after just 4 visits no more wet beds. Unbelievable. As a mother I was extremely thankful no more changing and washing of sheets in the middle of the night and Samuel no longer had the embarrassment when staying over with a friend. Neil of course was feeling pretty proud of himself and Samuel and sent Samuel a well-done card, which shows you the extra care and attention you receive from both Neil and Pip.

Our whole family myself, husband, Oliver aged 9 and Samuel all see Neil on a regular basis. Neil and Pip are always very welcoming and very happy to see you. Thank you both for taking such wonderful care of us all.

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