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A 14 year old female presents to an upper cervical chiropractor in Australia with anisocoria (unequal pupil sizes – bottom photo) plus poor coordination, concentration, bizarre dreams and thinking. Two weeks later after 3 upper cervical adjustments pupil size is more or less equal (top photo), with improvements in gait, mobility, sleep and concentration.

Anisocoria is caused by an issue in the chains of the autonomic nervous system, upon which chiropractic adjustments have their biggest influence. An abnormal small pupil indicates a problem in the sympathetic chain, and an abnormal large pupil indicates a problem in the parasympathetic chain. Causes can range from benign to severe. However in the absence of pathology, and other neurological indicators point to autonomic disharmony, like sleep or gut problems, chiropractic can help.

Source: Dr Ian Squire.

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