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Happy with your lot in life? Let us help you create a new normal.

You only know what you know. Clients sometimes think they have a really serious problem, or have been told it’s degeneration, or aging. They accept this as “normal”.

In reality the problem might be quite simple. A thorough neurological exam determines what the problem is, how serious it is, and the best course of action. Results create a “new normal” and clients then wonder why they put up with their particular issue for so long.

The dots represent two people. One has symptoms, the other doesn’t. In order to have symptoms, health has to deteriorate over time. Our objective is to turn the direction of your health around so it moves toward healthy. With the relief of symptoms, is a person healthy or just not sick? Just because there are no symptoms doesn’t mean that the person is healthy. Healthy is the continuous movement of health in the right direction.

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We’ve posted some fantastic cases over the years, but everyday aches and pains can be quite debilitating too. We celebrate these resolutions alongside the “miracle” stories too because there’s nothing better than feeling good. It spills over into every other aspect of one’s life.

Like going to the dentist, tell your friends this year to have a spine and nervous system check up to help them create their own new normal. Life is meant to flow with ease.

colleenI had been suffering ­­for several years with this ball of stress in my neck and back causing headaches, allergies, sinus problems and fatigue, to name a few. Since being under the care of Dr Neil Bossenger my symptoms have drastically improved in just 5 weeks.

I just wanted to take a moment to share with you my sincere gratitude for the wonderful job both Neil and Pip did in facilitating this journey! I have received wonderful support and care during this time, with a number of tools and resources to support me along the way. This has been the best investment (of time and money) I’ve made in a long time! Neil is a wonderful healer and educator and would without hesitation recommend him to anyone that requires chiropractic care.

Colleen Clarkson

chiropractic scoliosis cobbAfter experiencing a number of medical conditions over the years, which came to a head when my mother suddenly became ill in hospital, I was referred to Neil by a friend. I had sought assistance from both osteopaths and physiotherapists however neither provided any respite to my back, neck and knee issues.

I went to see Neil with an open mind and on my first visit he suspected a crooked spine and sent me for x-rays which showed a 26 degree scoliosis! Once his suspicions had been confirmed, Neil put in place a treatment program. It was hard work at first with lots of different aches and pains however I am now a completely different person. I feel well and comfortable and will continue under Neil’s care. Both Neil and Pip are very thoughtful and caring which has made treatment a pleasure.

Karen Ryan

spinewave chiropractic low back painI have had problems with my neck and back ever since I came off a motor bike in my early 20’s. I have had lots of treatments of various forms and it seems to me that unless you are cured quickly the practitioner seems to lose interest.

The initial examination was very thorough and a plan put in place. Neil was very thorough and explained what needed to happen and that it would take time to heal. Rome wasn’t built in a day and my problems wouldn’t be solved in a day either. The procedures were quite gentle and these together with some homework (exercises!) have done wonders for me. My progress was reviewed constantly and time between visits extended. I now go in for a tune up about once a month.

Neil and Pip have been friendly and helpful and have arranged appointments to suit my schedule. I have no hesitation in recommending the Spinewave Wellness Centre. I know I have benefited from my treatments.  The centre also has some interesting books to read on holistic healing that I have found interesting.

Barbara Bluck

chiropractic fall skiingI recently hurt my neck and shoulder due to a fall on ice and as they were not improving on their own went to see Neil Bossenger at Spinewave. I am very happy to report that in the three months that I have been seeing Neil, the shoulder and neck are almost back to normal and that in addition to these improvements I have also had a marked reduction in headaches and constipation. I intend to continue with my visits in order to maintain this improvement in my overall wellness. Neil and Pip provide a friendly and professional service that I would be very happy to recommend.

Rebecca Keen

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