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A lecturer said once if someone answered x, Neil would answer 3x2. Since his chemical engineering days in the late 90s, Neil has learned the art of taking the complex and whittling it down into easy-to-understand concepts.

Problem solving is his forte and a useful talent as patient concerns become more intricate nowadays. People are looking for well-rounded practitioners to take a holistic view on life because they are generally over-committed, managing pain, trying to avoid medication; and simultaneously fending off underlying anxieties around work, family, money and the future. It all becomes 3x2.

Neil grew up in Johannesburg, South Africa, and emigrated to NZ in 2002 to start a career in health care. Coping with asthma, ear infections, boils, and eczema as a child; then chronic pain, migraines, depression and Coeliac disease as an adult, he wishes someone had provided the support he now offers at Spinewave to have made life a little easier.

Understanding what it takes to start over, Neil saw a business opportunity in Spinewave in 2007 and turned it into the holistic neurology centre it is today.

Neil has completed a Master of Philosophy in chronic pain and the autonomic nervous system at AUT, receiving a scholarship in 2014 and first class honours in 2015. He is currently undertaking a PhD in chronic pain and the autonomic nervous system. Neil has also lectured extensively at dental conferences on the relationship between neck, jaw and brainstem.

Neil practised JKA karate for ten years in South Africa and aikido in NZ for ten. Ai-ki-do means the way of harmony and is a functional philosophy for approaching life’s challenges. These skills and more he blends into professional practice to deliver a premium service.

Dr Neil Bossenger, BSc. MPhil. MNZCA.

Master of Philosophy in Chronic Pain & the Autonomic Nervous System

Specialising in Upper Cervical Specific & Functional Neurology

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