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Dr Angela has 10 years of experience under her belt. She completed her chiropractic degree at the New Zealand College of Chiropractic at the end of 2001, adding to her Bachelor of Science, majoring in psychology and physiology from Auckland University.

Certified in Applied Kinesiology and nutrition, Angela previously worked with Dr Bryan Hale in Christchurch. She believes in an integrated approach to health care and is able to offer a large amount of experience in dealing with physical, emotional and mental imbalances.

Angela specialises in the Hale Technique, which involves chiropractic techniques, applied kinesiology, acupressure, homoeopathic, nutritional therapies, and an understanding of the fundamental relationship between mind, body and emotions. This particular technique integrates the physical, emotional and mental levels of health and Angela has experienced its benefits first hand.

Initially Angela started as a chiropractic patient while she was at Auckland University studying geography. She had reccurring headaches that were progressively getting worse. Long story short, she learnt that chiropractic is more than fixing headaches or back pain and is actually about improving health and wellness. She changed her science degree and studied chiropractic so she could help people with their health issues.

Angela balances her professional career with her family, karate, gym and snowboarding. Having a young son also means she is great when relating to young people. She has a strong belief that everyone can benefit from having chiropractic “health check ups” and that being proactive in life and health can reward us with many benefits in years to come. Angela’s passion for health and wellness on all levels makes her an asset to Spinewave Wellness Centre.

You are welcome to contact Dr Angela to enquire how she may be able to help with your anxiety, depression, poor immune function, intolerances, fatigue or anything else.

Dr Angela Steventon

BSc(Chiro), BSc(Psych), MNZCA, ACNEM (nutrition), ICAK (Applied Kinesiology)

Specialising in Applied Kinesiology and Hale Technique

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    Suite 1, 102 Remuera Road, Auckland
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