The Brain That Changes Itself

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Hearing about the potential for change through chiropractic neurology is what first excited me about a career in chiropractic. Then some years later, discovering the mind-blowing possibilities of change through neuroplasticity is what motivated me to stay the course and be the doctor I wanted to be, and shape a particular kind of practice. It’s a long, steep road because people don’t see chiropractic this way. But to stay the course you need to follow your heart, and this book is something that inspired me immensely. Here is an excerpt and interview on the topic with the author Dr Norman Doidge.

Psychiatrist and psychoanalyst, Dr Norman Doidge, talks about an astonishing new science called neuroplasticity, which is overthrowing the centuries-old notion that the human brain is immutable. His new book, “The Brain That Changes Itself: Stories Of Personal Triumph From The Frontiers Of Brain Science” will permanently alter the way we look at our brains, human nature, and human potential.

The Angry Brain

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“Self Control and Aggression” by Brylyn Stacy.

This study explored how the frontal lobes of our brain help us control aggression. Researchers observed activity in the frontal lobes of people who were provoked to anger by being insulted. They found that areas involved in negative emotions and arousal activated, but so did areas involved in the regulation of our emotions and cognitive control, suggesting the important interplay between the urge to get angry and the need to control our emotions. Researchers found that deficits or abnormalities in these frontal lobe structures predict violent-aggressive behaviour. According to the researchers, modern life demands effective self-control, and understanding the neural, psychological, and social mechanisms of aggression can help people control their violent impulses.

Reference: Denson, T. F., Dewall, C., Finkle, E. Current Directions in Psychological Science, Vol. 21 (1), February 2012, 20-25.

The Mustard Seed

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One from the old days – when I had time to think!

Certain levels of consciousness exist within ourselves, society and throughout the world. Levels of shame, guilt and apathy to levels of reason, love, joy, peace and enlightenment. Largely society exists within the realm of reason. That is the world of the school; the professor; the university; where life is directed by reason and education. Society stresses education above all else. Education is the road for determining one’s career, one’s income and one’s social status. Levels above reason are beyond Newtonian understanding for if something cannot be weighed or measured then it doesn’t exist in that context, but we all know that’s a na├»ve absurdity because the universe doesn’t come to a crashing halt with our inability to process complex data.

Man’s destiny is shaped by seemingly small events.

Man’s destiny is shaped by seemingly small events. A phone call that wasn’t made or a flight that was missed. The course is altered rapidly with chaotic, exponential effects in a direction completely different to what one might have intended. In fact, chaos is defined as exactly that: A small variation in initial conditions producing wildly different results. This is an interruption to a pattern due to minuscule change, and new results are only ever achieved by interrupting patterns.

I hardly ever plan these articles, least of all intentionally attempt to script passages from the bible into my work, but the words mustard seed came immediately to the fore when I was considering this topic and I have no idea why. Given that I understood the universe is governed by an organizing intelligence and we all exist as one pervasive consciousness from an early age, I never even listened in bible school. Yet somehow, because there is no such thing as causality, because everything is the result of everything else in its totality, the parable was on my frequency at this moment: Read more

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