Chiropractic and Autism

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This highly sought after dossier on chiropractic and autism can now be viewed in full HTML here or downloaded as a PDF here.

After acquiring a fair bit of experience in working with autistic children, it’s important to preface these case studies and research with some anecdotal observations: If 100 children were to come into the practice, 50 might get better and 50 might not. With the complexity of the human nervous system, the complexity of the environment children are exposed to on a daily basis at home and school, coupled with the complexity of where the child may lie on the spectrum itself, it’s impossible to guarantee any type of result. Read more

Brain Tumour

“We were also told that he would not be able to feel his foot and his hand after a time because the tumour would grow and put pressure on his brain but after chiropractic care Greg could feel his foot, stretch his foot, use his hand and feed himself.”

Greg and Lee used to drive from Tauranga to Auckland (400km round trip) once a week and did this for almost a year. It was a commitment to chiropractic care second to none. How many chiropractic offices would they drive past to get here? We felt truly honoured to have them a part of the practice. As I’ve said to Lee, it was a joy to be chosen as their chiropractor because I look back fondly on what fun it was to look after this family and bear witness to the miracle of Greg being able to slip his jandal on without hands after each atlas adjustment.

The tumour was in a part of his brain that took function from the right arm and leg. But the beauty was seeing the power of chiropractic and an upper cervical adjustment, right in front of me, as Greg was able to tell whether his right big toe was pointed up or down when he had his eyes closed – and he started getting it right every time as his system came back to life. I was so blown away I would honestly say, “You’re not bullshitting me, are you Greg?” (we had a good relationship). “No,” he’d say, “it’s pointed up and I can feel my foot!”. Read more

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