Neck Pain

“I was quite dubious at my first appointment with Neil and also a little nervous … the pain I experience in my neck/shoulder area has improved so much I find it hard to believe I had not known about Neil so much earlier.”

I’ll preface this story with one thing because Pam and I spoke at length about miracles: Like the Susan Boyle phenomenon I watched last night, where it was said “never put a time limit on your dream”, miracles come in lots of different forms. Sometimes it’s hard to gauge how long we should expect something to happen, especially when we want it NOW, and especially when the pressure is on in a big way. It’s the “instantaneous” thing we believe miracles to be, but more often I think it’s the slowly-slowly approach in life, one step at a time that also creates miracles. We choose not to see it that way though – like it’s not a miracle. But if you look back over the years and see all the gradual steps you took, you can say to yourself, wow, look how far I’ve come since then: What a miracle! Read more

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