Breast Cancer

“The well thought out care plan also helped to ensure that my current serious illness was caught in time to enable an early diagnosis. Neil recognised that the symptoms of pain I was experiencing were abnormal for me and encouraged me to seek medical help.”

Care plans are extremely important. Usually people seek care for some or other problem. Sometimes it’s minor, and sometimes it appears minor, which begs the idea of having regular check ups in the first place anyway.

So I prescribe a care plan and say this is what we need to do to get from point A to point B. Along the way we get to know each other and things change: Aches, pains, blood pressure, eczema… whatever. But sometimes things don’t change, or sometimes something new crops up. In this instance it was a small niggling pain in a specific place that was not normal for this person. However, if this client had come to me on day one and said, “I have this small niggling pain here, can you sort it out?” I would’ve have said, “Okay, let’s get to work and see what changes.” Precious weeks would have gone by.

Because this person stuck to the care plan I prescribed her in the beginning, we were able to identify a serious problem very early on. The reason is because I knew what was normal for her, and I knew what was not normal.

Earlier in 2008 I had the extreme good fortune to meet Neil Bossenger. This lovely young man knocked on my door one day to introduce himself as the new Chiropractor in my area. His enthusiasm and positive attitude made me want to “give him a go”. I had numerous “aches and pains” and it was time to do something about it. Read more

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